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animated fireplace with andirons
figure 1  


dogs. (andirons) The metal supports used to hold the wood in a fireplace.

These are sometimes referred to as fire dogs, not to be confused with Sparky the fire dog. Sparky is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association and cannot be shown here. The classic fire department dog is a Dalmatian and is dedicated to stopping and putting out fires. Fire dogs that hold up logs so that they can burn are of another sort altogether, although there is a kind of suggestion that fire dogs guard the fire.




About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows a fireplace with two andirons in it, holding up the burning logs. Digital model constructed and animated by the author.
Sparky the firedog
figure 2  
Okay, this is not the official Sparky, but it is the classic Dalmatian posed in front of a pumper. Courtesy of The Animal Photo Archive.
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