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a person poised on hand and feet on a yoga mat, bottom raised to create the apex of the triangle thus formed
figure 1  
photo of a dog facing down with its tail in the air, fore legs stretched out  
figure 2  


downward dog or downward facing dog. A yoga posture similar to that of a dog stretching out its front legs and lowering its head.

In a profile of comedian Chelsea Handler in the New York Times Magazine she states: “I’m all about doing downward facing dog, but not in a yoga class.”reference 1 




1. Lewine, Edward. 2007. Laugh Inn. New York Times Magazine. Accessed Jan 3, 2008 from http:// www. nytimes. com/ 2007/ 12/ 16/ magazine/ 16wwln-domains-t. html

About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows the classic yoga posture. It is entitled “Downward Dog” and captioned “I miss yoga.” Photograph by Tina Tiboutoo, used by permission. Figure 2 shows a dog in the referenced position. Photograph by Jen Schuetz, used by permission.
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