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illustration of a surfer silhouetted on a surfboard
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hot dog. (show-off) (noun) 1. A grandstander. 2. One who gloats in front of the losers.reference 1

(verb) To perform daring or dangerous stunts or ostentatious maneuvers, as while flying, skiing, or surfing.

In many contexts, being a hotdog is pejorative. Baseball players who are hotdogs are often seen as showing up the opposition. And in flying, while many pilots push the envelope, in the phrase that Tom Wolfe made well-known, it is seen as unwarranted risk taking, as with Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun. As an informal U.S. Air Force motto goes, “There are bold pilots and there are old pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.”reference 2

A variation is hog dogging, showing off.reference 3


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