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an animation showing a large scale image of the houndstooth pattern with a smaller segment increasing in size so that you can see the detail
figure 1  


houndstooth. Fabric with a pointed broken check design. Most commonly a woven produced with contrasting yarns in groups or multiples of 4, woven in a 2x2 twill. Sometimes called dogstooth.reference 1

Like human teeth named canines, the reference here is to the sharp teeth of the carnivore. As is often the case, it is the dog that provides the readiest reference in such matters. An implicit visual simile.




1. FabricPro, Inc. 2000. Dictionary of Fabric and Textile Terms. FabricPro Glossary. Accessed Sep 20 2001 from http:// features/ reference/ glossary.asp#H .

About the illustration: The classic houndstooth pattern with inset detail, collaged and animated by the author.
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