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Photograph of England's Prince William
figure 1  


pick of the litter. The most desirable member of a group of prospects. It might be said of the children of a family, though is as likely, when used metaphorically to, refer the best in a graduating class, the most likely new draft pick in a professional sport, etc.

There is a L'il Bow Wow song with this as the title, all about how cool he is, with no mention of dogs or multiple births per se. Of course this artist and his producers are fond of such doggish puns.reference 1

In a Reuters news story about sales of refineries, reporter Erwin Seba says, “Of 10 refineries for sale this year, the Memphis plant was considered the pick of the litter because it dominates a large, local market and has the newest technology.”reference 2

1. Lil' Bow Wow. 2001. Pick of the Litter. In Doggy Bag. Joint Venture, Sony Music.

2. Seba, Erwin. 2002. Refinery Sales Face Many Hurdles. Reuters News Service. Accessed Dec 26 2002 from http:// com/ news?tmpl=story&u=/ nm/ 20021130/ bs_nm/ refineries_sales_dc_1.

About the illustration: E! Online named Prince William the most eligible bachelor in 2002. They used this Reuters pool picture, photographer unnamed.  
see also: litter; pedigree
runt; son of a bitch
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