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poodle skirt. A skirt adorned with the image of a poodle. These were a popular fashion in the 50s and continue to have a steady following.

Somehow poodles acquired a greater cachet as fashion accessories than other dog breeds. No doubt it is the association with France and Paris's continued reputation as a trendsetter in women's fashion.





About the illustration: Students at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, studied the effects of the Great Migration on African American culture. They made an exhaustive study of African American life in the South. The picture is of the young Claire Mitchel, wife of Quitman Mitchell, mayor of Bessemer, Alabama, who owns and operates the Bessemer Beauty College. You can see that she was a proud wearer of a poodle skirt and matching vest.reference 1

1. Kenyon College. American Studies Program. 2000. Birmingham-Pittsburgh Traveler. Cleveland and the Great Migration: Laboratories for Faculty Members and Students in African-American History and Culture. Accessed Feb 6 2002 from http:// 2000/ Beauty/ ClaireMitchell.htm.

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