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photograph of two young men inside a very small tent
figure 1  


pup tent. A small tent, typically one sheet of canvas draped over a rope strung between two short poles.

Christine Ammer says that pup tents were originally dog tents, considered “better suited to small animals than grown men.”reference 1 This is corroborated in John Gregory's How to See the World. He says, “They take forever to set up, blow down with light puffs of wind...often require thirty or more minutes of daily maintenance, and may be associated with a slight drowning risk.”reference 2

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2. Gregory, John. 2002. Tents. How to See the World-Art of Travel: European and World Backpacking on $25 a Day or Less. Accessed Apr 18 2002 from http://

About the illustration: Thanks to Mr. Gregory for this image. He adds, “this one looks roomier than it really is.”reference 3

3. Ibid.

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