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red dog. (football) A kind of football defense used by the San Francisco 49ers in the Y.A. Tittle era. It was named by Bob Fouts (the voice of the team and also Dan Fouts’ father) after Niners' defensive genius Howard “Red” Hickey.reference 1

1. Michaels, Al and A. B. Company. 2001. Washington @ Dallas. In Monday Night Football. American Broadcasting Company. Oct 15.

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Red dog. (cards) Red Dog is a name used for a variety of card games involving wagers against the dealer.

Red Dog was originally a banking game in which punters—that is the suckers, those gullible enough to imagine they can beat the house in a rigged game—bet on whether any card in their hand would be the same suit as and higher than a card to be dealt from the pack. This game is also called High Card Pool. Called Red Dog/High Card Pool, Shoot, Slippery Sam, or Polish Red Dog In American Casinos, the name Red Dog is now more typically used for a different banking game (also called Ace-Deuce, In Between, or Yablon) in which two cards are dealt face up, and the player bets on whether a third card will rank between the first two cards. In card game literature, there is much variation as to which of the names Red Dog, Slippery Sam, and Shoot are applied to which version of the game.reference 2

2. McLeod, John. 1999. Rules of Card Games: Red Dog. Card Games Web Site. Accessed Nov 19 2001 from http:// banking/ reddog.html.
About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows a dog holding a football, however, not actually demonstrating the red dog defense. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation.

Figure 2 shows a dog playing cards, excerpted from one of the famous card playing dog paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.reference 3 This image is copyrighted and unlicensed. I believe that the use of a scaled-down, low-resolution excerpt from “A Friend in Need” to illustrate the article “red dog” qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.

3. Coolidge, Cassius Marcellus. 1870. A Friend in Need. Brown & Bigelow.
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