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motorcylce with two seated figures, the rearward one set apart by being in red
figure 1  
a photo of woman riding a motorcycle facing away from the viewer, on her shirt is the legend: THIS GIRL DOESN'T RIDE BITCH
figure 2  


sit bitch or ride bitch. To ride bitch is to sit behind the driver on a motorcycle, where the “biker chick” would normally be presumed to ride. The term applied is to a male rider whose motorcycle has broken down and is forced to ride on another's bike.reference 1 To sit bitch is to sit in the middle of a bench seat in an automobile or perhaps to sit between the bucket seats in front, over the gear shift. In either case these are the places reserved for women and for a man to take such a seat clearly undermines his masculinity and dominance. The derogation of women and the risks for men in being equated with women is evident in these two compound terms involving bitch. In each case it is to take the less desirable or dominant seat on or in a motor vehicle.


1. Rader, Walter. 2000. The Online Slang Dictionary. Accessed Aug 30 2001 from http:// online_slang_dictionary/.

About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows the position of sitting bitch. © 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation.

In Figure 2 a woman is wearing a shirt that says “This girl doesn't sit bitch” in protest to the second-class status that women have formerly had in the biker world. Courtesy of Motorcycle Girl Wear, LLC.

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