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a photograph of Joe Pantoliano as Sopranos character Ralph Cifaretto


son of a bitch. (person) A person who is irredeemably mean or disagreeable.

Bitches are also mean and disagreeable, among other things. Their sons are apparently at least as bad. To call someone a son of a bitch insults not only him, but also his mother.




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son of a bitch! (exclamation) Used as an interjection or exclamation, the phrase indicates surprise or irritation, depending upon inflection, tone of voice, and context.

For instance, when the contractor opened up the walls of my house and showed me that the studs did not run, as they are supposed to, from top to bottom, I might have said in dismay and surprise, “son of a bitch.” Though actually, that is really not my style.

About the illustrations: Figure 1 shows Joe Pantoliano as Ralph Cifaretto in HBO's The Sopranos. This character is, without question, an S.O.B. Promotional material for The Sopranos used without permission.

Figure 2 is excerpted from the cover of Mort Walker's Lexicon of Comicana.reference 1 Used without permission.

1. Walker, Mort. 2000. Lexicon of Comicana. Lincoln, Neb.: Cover.
see also: bitch (noun); bitch (verb); bitchin'
cf: whelp
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