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a poster for Georgie Fame and 'do the dog'
figure 1  


the dog. (dance) A sixties dance form.

With feet slightly apart, crouch down with arms bent and fists clenched. Move body and arms backward and forward with the beat. Jerk clenched fists over shoulders alternately similar to Hitch Hike movement and jump to the left or right.reference 1 The dance step was scandalous at the time it was popular and seems quaintly tame today when Missy Elliot raps about “working it.”

series of images of the same person showing the various moves in the dance step, the dogseries of images of the same person showing the various moves in the dance step, the dog
figure 2

1. Hough, Clint. 2005. Dance Crazes of the Sixties. SixtiesCity. Accessed Feb 19 2006 from http:// Culture/ dance.shtm.


About the illustrations: Figure 1 is a poster for Georgie Fame. This image is excerpted from a poster, and the copyright for it is most likely owned by either the publisher or the creator of the work depicted. I believe that the use of scaled-down, low-resolution images of posters to provide critical commentary on the film in question or of the poster itself qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Any other uses of this image may be copyright infringement.

I found Figure 2 on a great web site called The webmaster was himself unsure of his sources.

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